FORTROOP 50L Military Hiking Backpack



Are you looking for a professional, well design backpack that you will be happy to have in your travel arsenal?

This multifunctional military rucksack is the perfect military hiking backpack and will work for any kind of outdoor activity such as hiking, trekking, fishing, and camping.

A very durable wear resistant 50L backpack made of high quality material and that offer multiple compartments for you to stay organized.

This water-resistant backpack is a great choice for hiking tours. It has tons of space and a ridiculous amount of room inside when it’s fully open. You will have enough room for books, brochures, maps from different sites that you might want to visit, your flashlight, a laptop, snacks, bottles of water, etc.

Weight: about 1.5 kg


Camouflage, Khaki, Desert Digital

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