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How To Build A Home Gym On A Budget?

If you’re like most of us, you have a hard time getting to the gym. Maybe it’s too far away. Maybe you’re tired of the $50/month gym membership. Maybe you don’t like having to work out around other people. Or, maybe you just want to have a home gym so you can work out whenever you want. Whatever the reason, a home gym is a great way to stay fit, but it’s also a very expensive investment.  If you’re on a budget, here are some tips for making one on the cheap. 

The first thing you should do is figure out what you want to do in your home gym.  It may seem like an overly simple thing, but if you want to do a lot of different exercises, you may find that you have to invest in more equipment than you originally thought.  If your goal is to build muscle, you’ll probably need dumbbells, a bench, and a barbell.  If your goal is to work on endurance, you’ll need to invest in a treadmill or an elliptical.

Here is a list of the top gym equipment you should have to get started:

Resistance bands

resistance bands
The top gym equipment you should have to get started

Resistance bands (sometimes called exercise bands) are a great addition to the home gym. Research suggests that the bands are as effective as weights for building strength and power, and they’re a good way to get started with strength training. They’re great for developing strength and flexibility, but they’ve also garnered a reputation as a budget-friendly way to work out at home.

Resistance bands are really versatile, and can be used by anyone from professional athletes to those who are just getting into physical fitness. A resistance band usually come in a variety of colors and sizes, as well as multiple resistance levels; for example, a green band is usually easier to use than a red band. You can buy a complete set of bands without having to spend a fortune for an excellent set.

Bumper plates

If you’re on a budget and want to build a home gym with a full weight set, you can’t go wrong with bumper plates. These rubber coated weights are inexpensive, durable enough for any exercise, and easy to store. You can even work up to throwing them against the wall for a fun workout!

However, these benefits come at a cost. Compared to expensive Olympic weight plates, bumper plates are more difficult to load and unload, and you may need to invest in a few other accessories to get the most out of your workouts.

Pull-up bar

pull-up bar

Pull-ups are a classic bodyweight exercise that can help you build strength and muscle in your back, shoulders, arms, chest, and abs, but it’s often difficult for people to actually perform unless you have some kind of equipment to help you. A pull-up bar is one of the most basic and inexpensive pieces of equipment you can buy to help you work your upper body. These bars are usually mounted on a doorway or somewhere in your home. 

Yoga mat

yoga mat
Yoga mat

Yoga mats are pieces of equipment that serve two main purposes. The most obvious is that they provide space for you to do yoga on, and the second is that they provide a place to store your yoga equipment, protecting it from moisture, dirt, and other pieces of equipment. The first step in choosing the right yoga mat is understanding what type of yoga you practice.

Yoga mats can vary dramatically in thickness. Consider the benefits to different thicknesses. The thicker your mat is, the more reliable it will be for certain poses. The trade off, however, is that thick mats are bulkier for transport and storage. Thinner mats are a little more likely to slip during poses or wobble from side to side during balance poses.

Foam roller

Foam roller

A foam roller is a cylindrical tube used as a massage tool. The rollers consist of a solid foam core covered in a textured plastic shell. Using a foam roller is a quick way to improve flexibility and reduce muscle soreness after exercise or sport. Today, roller foam rolling is popular with all types of athletes, from runners to weightlifters, cyclists to squash players.

Jump rope

Jump rope

Jump ropes are a great tool to add to your fitness routine. They are budget-friendly, easy to store, and they can make you sweat. It can provide excellent cardio workouts (and is good for circuit training) as long as you have high ceilings or outdoor space. The key to a good jump-rope workout is to find the right rope this one comes with removable handle weights, so you can increase the resistance as you progress (or decrease it as you slowly and inevitably get older and weaker).

Exercise ball

Exercise ball
Exercise ball

An exercise ball, stability ball, gym ball, yoga ball, swiss ball whatever you want to call it is one of the most underused pieces of equipment in the fitness world. They are inexpensive and provide a wide array of exercises that can be done from home. This item is a very good addition to your home workout equipment. It’ll improve your balance and strengthen your core muscles.

Exercise balls are great for working out the muscles in your back, core, and legs. You can work out on them while watching television, listening to music, or even while surfing the web. Many people also use the exercise ball to sit on while working at a desk. This is a good way to activate your core muscles and improve your posture.



Kettlebells are an extremely versatile piece of strength training equipment. They are a great addition to any home gym or commercial gym in general, as they offer a full body workout that is different from the regular weight lifting workouts. Kettlebells are used for building strength and endurance in the upper body as well as the lower body. They are used to improve cardio-vascular  fitness, flexibility and balance.  They are used by people in a wide range of intensity levels, from amateur to professional athletes.

Kettlebells can be used to work every major muscle group in the body. They are highly effective way to improve overall health and fitness level. However, do not let the small size of a kettlebell fool you. These little weights can cause great harm and maybe even lead to injury if you are not careful and have the proper knowledge on how to lift them.

Squat Rack

 A squat rack is a piece of equipment that is made to be placed in the center of a room. It is a structure that serves as a base for holding barbells for squats, as well as other types of weightlifting such as presses and bench presses. Squat racks are typically made of wood, metal or plastic, and offer bars that are typically found in gyms. They are a great way to make sure that your workout room is well-stocked with the tools you need to get started.

Adjustable bench

An adjustable bench is a great piece of home gym equipment to get you started. You can get a quality product for less money than you might think. An adjustable bench will allow you to do a variety of exercises that will work different muscle groups. You can create an effective workout routine that will help you achieve your fitness goals at home and not spend a lot of money doing it.

Assembling your own adjustable bench is a great way to save money without sacrificing quality or performance. If you are looking for something to start your home gym on a budget, your best bet is to shop for a bench that can easily be converted to multiple positions, allowing you to work a variety of muscle groups.

Adjustable dumbbells

Dumbbells are one of the best pieces of equipment you can have in your home gym. They are portable, versatile and can be used to create a full body workout requiring no additional equipment. The only problem is that most dumbbells are expensive. An adjustable dumbbell set solve this problem by being affordable and allowing you to add weight whenever you want. However, they are not as durable as regular dumbbells, and they can be difficult to use.

The dumbbell sets may come in a variety of weight ranges, depending on the manufacturer. Typically, the lightest weight available is 5 pounds, with a maximum of up to 100 pounds. Some dumbbell sets offer an increase in weight in increments of 5 pounds, while others offer an increase in increments of 10 pounds. If space is a concern, look at adjustable dumbbells ranging from 3 to 50 pounds in one compact set. 

What types of exercises do you want to do?

Deciding what to do in the home gym is a big decision. Do you want to run on a treadmill? Should you use resistance training machines? You may want to start with cardio workouts, or maybe strength building is more your style. Are you a beginner? An advanced athlete? You should consider all of these factors when choosing the equipment for your budget home gym.

As much as possible, I recommend you aim for variety when you build a home gym. If you want to do the same type of workout over and over again, then you’ll have a more predictable muscle build. If you want to get fitter, you’ll have a greater likelihood of building strength. By mixing up your workouts you also improve the quality of your workouts and, therefore, the intensity of your workout. This will keep your body guessing and force you to build your strength and endurance all the time. This is a goal that many beginners don’t achieve, so it’s definitely something to aim for. What do you want to achieve in your home gym? Whatever your goal, the first thing you should do is search for equipment that will help you reach it. 

How much space do you have

Whether you’re looking to maximize your workout space or just to keep your workout gear out of sight, it’s important to know how much room you’ll need to build your home gym. Before you start clearing out your basement or purchasing gym equipment, measure your space and consider the following tips to help you build a space that works for you.

If you’re working out solo or just for fun, you may not need much space. An elliptical or a stepper can work fine in a closet or a room that isn’t being used for anything else. Or, if you have an entire room dedicated to exercise and you don’t know what to do with it, you may want to start with the basics. Get an inexpensive, but high-quality treadmill or an elliptical.

Buying resistances is a great way to start strength training. If you’re a beginner, want to be fit or just looking for a little inspiration, there are plenty of free workout videos online. While these will help you get started, if you want to be serious about strength training, it’ll be helpful to invest in some additional pieces so you can increase the amount of muscles on your body.

What are your budget restrictions?

Budget restrictions are a major consideration when building a home gym. You may not be able to swing all the fancy equipment if your budget is tight. If you have a tight budget, you may be able to achieve a home gym if you’re willing to compromise.  You want to get the most for your money, but you also want to ensure you’re getting a quality piece of equipment that will last. Before purchasing equipment for your gym, take the time to ensure you’re buying an item that will serve you for years to come. Don’t just go by brand or price, look at the features and quality of each item before you make a commitment to purchase.

How much storage space do you have?

Storage is a big consideration. You’ll need somewhere to store all of your gym equipment. If you don’t have a lot of space, you’ll need to make sure you have a storage rack. However, you’ll also want a place where you can put everything that’s not in use. Have a place where you can set up a yoga mat, a stair-stepper, and some weights.

What types of equipment do you need?

Are you interested in lifting or losing weight? Do you want to build muscle? Is endurance your thing? Whatever your goal, your home gym should include the exercise equipment you need for it. If you’re interested in building muscle, you might consider buying some basic dumbbells or barbells. The bars will make it easier to do compound exercises like squats and deadlifts, and the dumbbells will help you build endurance. If you want to lose weight, you’ll probably want to invest in a treadmill or elliptical. Again, these machines will make it easier for you to build endurance, and they’ll also make it easier for you to keep your heart rate down, which will keep you from getting too tired. A stationary bike can also be a good addition to a home gym if you’re looking to build endurance.

Here you have it. Our list of the best cheap home gym equipment you can buy in order to help you get fit without breaking the bank.

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