29-in-1 Wilderness Survival Kit for Hiking


This emergency wilderness survival kit includes a cotton pad, a whistle, 2 bandages, 2 alcohol pads, a Multi-function tool card, 2 specifications, a wire saw, an aluminum foil, a mini flashlight, a mountaineering buckle, a royal buckle, a compass, a para-cord rope, 2 back needle, 2 pins, a needle, a knife blade, a fire starter, 2 weights, swivels, a fishing hooks, 2 floats, 2 fishing lines.

IDEAL FOR EMERGENCY SITUATIONS: After the opening of the kit is a rope close to 34.4 feet long military grade paracord rope, can hold up to 300 lbs.

EASY TO CARRY: Small size (3.9″ x 2.75″) and lightweight (0.6 lbs.) so you can it on a backpack.

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