TAXXIO Casual Anti Theft Sling Bag




If your looking for a secure and compact anti-theft sling bag with you to take to work, on tours, or for everyday activities, this bag is the perfect solution.

This sling bag can easily fit a refillable water bottle, your phone, a power bank, and several other things.

It is a small bag, therefore if you’re looking for a bag to put much more into such a small laptop and a tablet you should probably go with our anti theft backpack.

The bag fits comfortably on your back or in the front and the strap can be adjusted to whichever side fits better for you.

You should be able to fit a water bottle, a small wallet, a battery pack, your passport, and other id cards, your phone, cords and adaptors, little snacks, etc.

A great compact for small trips and when you go out on tours. It won’t make you stand out like a tourist.

The hidden zipper will keep thieves away. You will notice if anyone tries to open or cut through your bag.

Sling bag features:

Bag size: 12.20″ x 7.09″ x 3.94″.
Material: Polyester.
Easy to clean.

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Gray, Black, Purple


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